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is a Silicon Valley based business and professional networking NPO organization. Its primary purpose is to provide opportunities for executives and professionals to develop the knowledge and human networks for successful US-Japan business.



Japanese Corporate Strategies in Silicon Valley: What Do the Locals Think?

Japanese corporations in Silicon Valley have often struggled to become driving forces for innovation due to several persistent constraints: headquarter bureaucracies, siloed business units, a lack of decision-making authority, discontinuous HR systems, and geographical and psychological distance.


Yuka Nagashima

Program Manager

As a recent transplant to Silicon Valley, it was challenging to choose from so many opportunities to meet people and continue to learn. I was fortunate to have multiple people recommend Keizai Silicon Valley’s events as a great way to network with people interested in doing business with Japan or with connections to Japan. Because Silicon Valley is so big, it is easy to feel lost, but at Keizai SV, I felt welcomed by staff and other attendees who seemed genuine in their well wishes and intellectually curious about the topics its programs explored. That’s when I decided to join as a volunteer member. It has been such a pleasure working with other committed volunteer staff to bring quality events to this community. It is this type of group that adds diversity to Silicon Valley, a different perspective that adds to its innovation ecosystem.

Gregory Bennett

Social Media Manager

I moved back to the Bay Area shortly after graduate school, and I involved myself with Keizai to expand my network and learn more about Japan-US business relations in Silicon Valley. Upon joining the staff, I was welcomed by a highly inspiring, innovative, and positive group of leaders who consistently provide me a new, fresh perspective on the corporate world outside of school and the myriad forms it can take in practice. Volunteering at Keizai has been thrilling and educational every step of the way and I thoroughly enjoy contributing my work to the organization in the realm of social media. I highly recommend it to those who are new to the Bay Area or are seeking to grow their network and expand their approaches to professional life.

Tim Koide

Program Manager

Keizai Silicon Valley provides me with an opportunity to view Silicon Valley from the perspective of its role as a global innovation hub–a unique catch-all for the talent and ideas of the world. Through its events and fora, it allows me to stay informed of and connected to the movements of Japanese entities in the Valley, and gives me the network and architecture necessary to help facilitate dialogue and exchange between stakeholders from Japan and the rest of the world represented here.

Our Team

Chimmy Shioya


May Kao

Vice President, Operations

Yayoi Kaneko


Erny Arifin

Graphics Content Manager

Yu Azukizawa

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Gregory Bennett

Social Media Manager

Chris Daft

Project Manager

Andre Davis

Program Manager

Ayumi Fitisoff

Office Manager

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Lead Program Manager

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Tim Koide

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Public Relations Manager

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Corporate Relations Manager

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Yuka Nagashima

Program Manager

Danny Ooi

Program Manager

Joe Quinlan

Content Manager

Gordon Sasamori

Director of IT

Tak Sato


Sachi Sawamura

Program Manager

Nobuki Takeuchi

Program Manager

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Dean Yonenaga

Alliance Manager

Jun Zhang

Event Manager

Board Members

Richard Dasher

Director, US-Asia Technology Management Center, Stanford University

Scott Ellman

CEO, USAsia Venture Partners

Nadine Grant

President Emeritus

Koji Osawa

Managing Principal & Co-Founder, Global Catalyst Partners

Tsuyoshi Taira

CEO, Tazan International Inc.

Chimmy Shioya

Senior Director of Business Development, ZL Technologies, Inc.

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.@akiohashi suggests expats take advantage of being in SV. Engage with people. Get out your comfort zone. That will take you a long way.
.@rdasher8 says Japanese companies have to get out of the comfort zone to be innovative; If you're in control, you aren't going fast enough
.@JapanIntercult says #innovation is not all about technology. Lack of organizational processes prevents Japanese companies from doing it.
.@ZakMurase suggests the job rotation practice in Japan has to stop in order to empower returned expats to act as an advocate, change agent
In addition to adopting technologies, Japanese companies today leverage the same investment in market development in NA #innovatekeizai
CEOs in Japan are not punished by missed opportunities, e.g. Kodak, Sharp, etc. No such urgency or threat are felt by anyone #innovatekeizai
Barrier to innovation in Japan is not about developing technology but has to do with GTM challenges, e.g. product-market fit, etc.
Large companies fear failing & cannot pursue #openinnovation even though people at the top have the fear of being disrupted #innovatekeizai
#Innovation is not about R&A or invention. It is about disrupt business models. Gaps in perceptions between the SV and Japan #OpenInnovation